Self Help Books

There are millions of self help books on the shelves of book stores, libraries and the internet. They can be very helpful with different problems, however, they’re not always the solution.  In my work, people often ask me “Is there a book that I can read?” I usually say “yes” and research what book would best help my client.  I would like to share with you the different factors that I take into consideration when recommending a self-help book:

  • The first thing I have to remember is that self help books are a general description of a problems and provide general solutions to the same problem.  Problems are general to a certain degree, but they’re influenced by the individuality of each of us and our relationships.  Therefore, problems are tailored to each of us.  Self-help books can be confusing for the same reason, they’re unique to us all.  If the advice the book provides does not specifically apply to your problem then it can be confusing for you and and people around you.
  • The next factor to take into consideration when thinking about recommending a self help book is the professional background of the author of the book.  I see self help books written by comedians or TV personalities.  Self help books are written based in the opinions of the author, therefore a book written by a comedian would be his/her opinion about an important subject.  I do not want to discount the possibility that the book would be entertaining, but when individuals need help they’re usually not looking for mere entertainment.  I would probably not recommend a book written by a comedian or TV personality given the seriousness of the problem.  I recommend books written by professionals in the field of psychology, mental health, couples counseling, and so on.
  • The third factor that I consider when recommending a book is looking at the reviews of  the book.  Unless I have already read the book, reviews can describe the impression of different people about this book and provide insight into the book.  Nowadays reviews are everywhere in the internet and should not be difficult to find.

I encourage you to consider these three factors when thinking about buying a self help book about specific difficulties before you spend your money. If you already read a self help book or several for that matter and you have not found solutions to your problems, I recommend that you seek the help of a professional.

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