How can you get through the holiday stress without killing your spouse?


The holidays are a happy time for all, but holiday stress can influence the likelihood of entering into arguments with your significant other. The pressures of attending parties or organizing your own, in addition to everyday responsibilities can make it difficult to get along with others. It may seem like all of the responsibility is on you, and you wish that you got help from your partner. Feeling irritable and having short patience can easily happen, which can lead to arguments and conflict with your significant other. Here are 8 ways to keep you both from fighting during this time:

  1. Remind yourself that this is temporary. The holiday season has a beginning and an end.
  2. Be mindful of your own or your partner’s stressors and talk about them. That way you both know what’s going on and can support each other.
  3. Make an effort to validate and support your partner when he or she is having a hard time.
  4. Plan ahead, especially if you’re meeting with people who are not liked or not desirable by you or your partner. Discuss worst case scenarios and prepare an exit strategy.
  5. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt before assuming that he or she is doing something on purpose.
  6. Avoid over drinking since alcohol inhibits our decision making and can lead to volatile conflicts.
  7. Team up with your partner to divide tasks or responsibilities like preparation for events, dinners and shopping. Remember you’re both stressed out.
  8. Ask your partner for help. Avoid assuming that your partner is going to guess or magically “know” that you need help. He or she is not a mind reader. Give him or her a chance to be there for you.

I hope that these tips can help make your holiday season run smoother and help you feel supported and closer to your partner.

    1. Happy Holidays!

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