Frequently Asked Questions

Making a decision to engage in counseling & therapy services can be difficult, here are some common questions you may have: How do I know if I need professional help? If you have tried everything in your power to resolve the situation that is causing you distress, but nothing seems to work permanently.  It may be time to consider the help of a professional. What can I expect from the first session? The first meeting is intended to assess the situation that brought the individual, couple, or family to services.  In addition, a goal will be identified which will be the focus of the upcoming sessions. How long does counseling or therapy takes? There is not a magic number for how many sessions takes to see improvements.  Change takes place in different ways depending on the individual couple or family and the objective of therapy. What if my partner or family members don’t want to come to counseling with me? Not a problem.  Often times it’s assumed that counseling needs to be done with the partner or family member in order to produce results, but it’s not the case.  You can come individually to work on relational problems. Things can get better for you if you come individually.

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