I’ll be writing a monthly article about topics of interest like relationships, depression, anxiety, addictions and grief. You can submit questions you want answered, which will be kept anonymous if you send me an email with the question. I encourage you to submit your comments and/or opinions about the articles.

  • Couple not talking to each other

    6 Common Mistakes People Make when Considering Couples Therapy

    1. My insurance will provide a therapist. While insurance companies will provide a referral for you within their network, they may not be the best fit for you. Other aspects to take into consideration when using your insurance company are: Breach of confidentiality of your records. Insurance companies require access to your records for audits […]


    Is Love Enough?

    In my work with couples I’m often faced with this question, and unfortunately, love is not enough to maintain a relationship. Love can motivate actions or motivate you to work on a relationship, but to maintain a relationship takes two motivated individuals. Have you ever ended a relationship even though you loved that person? Have […]

    holiday couple

    How can you get through the holiday stress without killing your spouse?

    The holidays are a happy time for all, but holiday stress can influence the likelihood of entering into arguments with your significant other. The pressures of attending parties or organizing your own, in addition to everyday responsibilities can make it difficult to get along with others. It may seem like all of the responsibility is on […]


    Ashley Madison

    I first heard about Ashley Madison a while back, when a new client told me that she had proof that her husband was repeatedly cheating on her as a result of numerous charges from Ashley Madison and random hotels to their credit cards. I went home that day and researched more about Ashley Madison and […]


    Are your actions in your relationship helping you or hurting you?

    We all want to be special to our partner- to feel important, to be desired, ultimately to be loved and secured. These needs can lead us to do or say many irrational things such as fighting, pursuit, insult and even bullying a partner which ultimately damages the relationship and decreases the chances of feeling loved […]

    12 Reason relationships do not work out

    12 Reasons relationships do not work out

    Do all relationships have to work out? I’m often faced with this question in one form of another in my work with couples. As a couple’s therapist I would like to be able to help every couple that comes to me asking for help. The truth is that it’s not always the case. Here are […]


    6 Tips to become a better listener in your relationship

    One of the major causes that couples seek professional help for is their difficulty communicating, especially listening.  This prevents couples from understanding each other and, even more importantly, from solving problems or compromising.  Therefore, the same problems keep coming up time after time. I want to clarify that most people do not learn to listen […]


    High Expectations?

    Often times we have expectations about others, the world, and ourselves.  Expectations for ourselves can help us succeed and accomplish the objectives we set in life. Unfortunately, expectations can also bring much disappointment when we believe that others share our expectations or will share them in the future, but they do not or will not.  […]


    Overcome Fear

    In order to know how to overcome fear it’s important that we understand what it is.  Fear is a primary emotion that comes from the natural aversion to risk or threat, all humans experience this emotion. Fear is an emotion characterized by an intense feeling, usually unpleasant, caused by the perception of a threat, real […]



    Forgiveness is the action to let go or give up resentment, indignation or anger caused by an offense committed by another or ourselves. It’s a voluntary change of destructive behaviors directed against the damage that has been done for other more constructive. When we hurt the immediate reaction is to go against logic and who […]

    Improve your self-esteem.


    Self-esteem is the belief that we have about ourselves, those qualities, skills, ways of feeling or thinking that we attribute to ourselves, our “self-image”. Self-esteem is the assessment we make of ourselves on the basis of feelings and experiences that we have incorporated throughout life. We feel smart or fools, capable or incapable, we like […]


    Stages of Grief

    The loss of a loved one or an important relationship affects people in different ways. The following are the 5 Stages of Grief introduced by Elizabeth Kuble-Ross in her 1969 book On Death and Dying, which can give you a better idea of what you can expect if you’re experiencing grief. The 5 stages of […]


    The 5 Love Languages

    The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman is one of my favorite books to recommend to couples seeking to improve their relationship.  Dr. Chapman explains that the expression of love falls into five different categories; each of us can identify one or two of these categories in the way we express love, and the […]

    Couple Talking

    10 Tips to have a more Constructive Argument

    Arguments and discussions can lead to ugly places.  Having an arguments is necessary in order to achieve solutions at times.  In my previous Blog Destructive Arguments I mentioned what NOT to do during an argument.  Here are 10 Tips that can help you have more constructive arguments and reach understanding: Set aside a quiet time […]


    Destructive Arguments

    Arguing is a normal part of relationships, given that we all have different opinions and views about the world around us.  However, arguing can become so frequent and intense that it seems like the there is no hope for a relationship.  Dr. John Gottman, a recognized expert in the field of couples therapy and psychology […]